Highlights of ToScA 2013

Proceedings kicked off with a dynamic exploration of 3D visualisation software and the accelerating development of micro-CT hardware. 

Speakers gave presentations highlighting the diverse range of research applications for micro-CT, from assessing potential biofuels to analysing Martian meteorites, over 2 days.

Panel discussions at the end of each day were an opportunity to problem solve and the explore ideas stimulated by the talks.

Over a hundred delegates joined us for the symposium and representatives from major companies involved in all aspects of micro-CT attended.

The symposium culminated in a Hintze Hall dinner cementing collaborations and sharing of ideas.


The Gatan Student Poster Competition and the Nikon Image Competition were a great opportunity for scientist at all levels to engage with peers from a range of different disciplines. Congratulations to the winners of the two competitions; Stephen Lautenschlager, Peter Swart, Celine Neutens, Diva Amon, Natasha Almeida and Frank Acquaah. Congratulations, also, to Graihagh Hardinge and Sam Giles, the winners of the CCPi Travel Awards.

We would like to thank all the speakers, sponsor and delegates and look forward to seeing you in 2014!

  • Reconstruction from a fossil to a virtual impression of¬†Erlikosaurus
    Image competition 2013

    Check out the stunning images that made it to finals of our micro-CT image competition 2013.