High resolution scanning electron microscopy

The Museum's imaging facility has two scanning electron microscopes capable of high resolution imaging. Follow the links below to discover key features and technical details, see examples and find out which would be most suitable for your applications.

  • Scanning electron microscope image of the common wasp Vespula vulgaris, taken with the XL30
    Philips XL30 Field Emission SEM

    The Philips XL30 scanning electron microscope can be used to image minute organisms and perform on-screen measurements. It also incorporates a nano-CT system for 2D and 3D visualisation of internal structures.

  • Secondary electron image of butterfly scales from Vanessa atalanta
    Carl Zeiss Ultra Plus Field Emission SEM

    The Carl Zeiss Ultra Plus scanning electron microscope offers ultra high resolution imaging. The instrument's revolutionary charge compensation system allows non-conducting specimens to be imaged without the need for coating.