Micro-CT scanning requests, costs and protocol

To apply for scanning time:

  1. Download and complete the micro-CT scanning request form Word (85.0 KB)
  2. Email the completed form to Farah Ahmed

The duration and cost of scanning are judged on:

  • sample size
  • specimen dimensions
  • constituent materials
  • specimen preservation and storage
  • regions or features of particular interest
  • measurement and analysis
  • required data format

Scanning costs

Please contact Dr Farah Ahmed to discuss your project.

Providing specimens for mounting

  • Specimens must be in a box clearly labelled with the user’s name and contact details
  • All items must be labelled with a reference number
  • Wet specimens must be sealed in airtight containers or bags
  • Users are responsible for providing specimen mounts (oasis, plastic foam, cardboard or plastic tubing)

Scanning parameters

  • Field of view: 250mm diameter, 750mm tall
  • Maximum capacity: 30Kg
  • Voxels: 3-125µm3
  • Scan resolution: 3-5µm or 1/2000th of the specimen’s diameter or height, whichever is the larger value
  • Scan duration: 10-60 minutes
  • Data is reconstructed over night and can usually be collected on the next working day

Data storage and transfer

  • Typical scan size: 8-16GB 
  • Allow up to 60GB per scan (maximum scan size)
  • Scan slices can be exported in DICOM, TIFF, BMP, JPEG or ASCII format
  • Data can be collected using external hard drives (NTFS format)
  • External hard drives must be formatted prior to use
  • Any hard drives, adaptors and cables must be labelled with user’s name and institution

CT contact details

Dr Farah Ahmed

Tel: +44 (0)20 7942 5157