About the Metris X-Tek HMX ST 225 CT System

This scanner can be used for both reflection micro-CT and transmission micro-CT. Since a typical scan takes between 10-20 minutes it is convenient to use for imaging large numbers of specimens for scientific research and curation purposes.

It can be used to visualise a wide range of materials:

  • biological - including chitin, bone and dentine
  • mineralogical - such as fossils and rock cores
  • man-made - including plastic, carbon-fibre and metal

Technical details

  • Cone beam projection system
  • Four megapixel Perkin Elmer XRD 1621 AN3 HS detector panel
  • Volumes constructed using CT PRO (Metris X-Tek, UK) and visualised using VG Studio Max 2.0 (Volume Graphics, Heidelberg, Germany)

Maximum power: 20W for transmission target, 225W for reflection target

Maximum voltage output: 180kV for transmission target, 225kV for reflection target

Maximum current output: 2000µA

Focal spot size: 2µm for transmission target, 5µm for reflection target

Targets: transmission target is W and reflection targets are W, Ag, Mo and Cu

Exposure range: from 0.25-5.6 frames per second

Projection range: from 360-3142 frames per second

Geometric magnification: up to 160x

More information about the HMX ST micro-CT scanner is available on the X-Tek website.

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