Natural Enrichments in E-tech Elements (NEETE)

Natural Enrichments in E-tech Elements (NEETE) is an ambitious multi-institute and multi-disciplinary study aimed at understanding the distribution and behaviour of E-tech metals in Earth systems. 

This Catalyst NERC-funded project aims to develop environmentally benign strategies for the extraction and recovery of E-tech metals.

We are investigating the potential of reverse engineering geological processes that concentrate:

  • cobalt
  • gallium
  • indium
  • tellurium
  • lithium
  • rare earth elements (REE)

We will maintain a dialogue with downstream partners (processing companies and end users) to develop sustainable approaches to the extraction of existing and future E-tech resources.

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Project details

University of Southampton
Imperial College
University of Leeds
University of Loughborough

NERC £106,492


E-tech elements
Defined by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) as elements that are essential for a technologically advanced and low carbon society, leading to more efficient energy usage. Includes cobalt, gallium, indium, tellurium, lithium and the rare earth elements (REE).