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Biodiversity and WorldMap

User support

Reporting bugs

If you find any bugs, or have any queries or suggestions, please contact us.

Known problems

  • The coloured squares plotted on the grid cells do not always meet properly, without either fragmentation of the image or partially overlap of grid cells (this may be especially obvious if an empty grid is viewed). This is a problem with the Windows graphics functions, not with arithmetic within WORLDMAP (zooming the affected part of the image will show the correct gridcell registration). The gridcell plotting function attempts to offset this problem by calculating an additional overlap factor when the image is scaled down on the screen. The problem is being monitored and adjustments made.
  • When the coastline is set to automatic contrast (black/white) with the background, it prints to the printer as black. This can only only be captured as a bitmap (.BMP) at present.
  • WYSIWYG printing requires polishing.

Future developments

  • Data import/export facilities will be augmented as required for collaborative projects.
  • Tree-distance measures will be implemented more fully as collaborative projects with suitable data arise.
  • Area-selection methods and biogeographic tools will be developed as required for collaborative projects.