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Biodiversity and WorldMap

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Latest version

WORLDMAP is under continuing development for research projects and is updated at least every month.

Before using it to carry out any analyses, please ensure that you have the most recent version:

v4.20.15 (26.8.2001)

  • improved selected area display
  • flexible area scores
Version 4.19 introduces automated procedures for choosing n areas to represent the maximum number of species (the 'maximal covering location problem'), for doing this to supplement existing selected areas ('Gap analysis'), and for testing the results against selecting areas at random. Version 4.20 introduces analyses of quantitative data for individual species (not included in demo).

If you find any bugs, or have any queries or suggestions, please contact us .

Recent changes

These are listed by build number and date. To find the version and build number (e.g. v4.00.00) for a copy of Worldmap, click on the 'Help' menu from the top bar, and then on the option 'About Worldmap'.

  • v4.20.15 26.VIII.2001 *improved selected area display
  • v4.20.14 1.VIII.2001 *revised complementarity
  • v4.20.13 19.VI.2001 *ArcView hotspot output
  • v4.20.12 15.II.2001 *mixed quantitative goals
  • v4.20.11 21.XI.2000 *large neighbourhoods
  • v4.20.10 12.X.2000 *flexible area scores (with cost)
  • v4.20.09 22.IX.2000 *tables of areas by g-e, cost conv+1, random areas filter
  • v4.20.08 8.IX.2000 *threat threshold
  • v4.20.07 23.VIII.2000 *complementarity random reserves and tie break
  • v4.20.06 18.VII.2000 *Integrated % and presence data
  • v4.20.05 29.IV.2000 *Import data update *NT bug fix
  • v4.20.04 5.IV.2000 *Brown scale
  • v4.20.03 20.III.2000 *Blue scale
  • v4.20.02 1.III.2000 *[Persistence estimation]
  • v4.20.01 24.XII.1999 *[Area selection to a probability goal] *Selection display toggle
  • v4.19.25 24.XI.99 *Maximum coverage sets for a budget
  • v4.19.24 29.X.99 *Re-order areas by threat variable *Redundancy test bug fix
  • v4.19.23 20.IX.99 *Random option for area-selection tie-breaking *Random-number generator bug fix
  • v4.19.22 26.VIII.99 *Complementarity assessment
  • v4.19.21 20.IV.99 *Fully flexible area maps
  • v4.19.20 15.IV.99 *Selected areas to mask areas conversion *Import screen scores by coordinates
  • v4.19.19 5.III.99 *Contagion integrated
  • v4.19.18 22.II.99 *Overlay randomisation test bug fix
  • v4.19.17 1.I.99 *Integrated 3D overlay colour plot
  • v4.19.16 1.X.98 *Extended redundancy test
  • v4.19.15 21.IX.98 *Median from randomisation test in table
  • v4.19.14 26.VIII.98 *Improved area cost import
  • v4.19.13 7.VIII.98 *Neighbourhood nestedness bug fix for large data sets
  • v4.19.12 10.VII.98 *Divide data by range size *Large sets of selected areas
  • v4.19.11 7.VII.98 *Tabulate pres/pres overlays
  • v4.19.10 24.IV.98 *Convert selected areas to pres data *Randomisation test for pres/quant overlays
  • v4.19.09 17.IV.98 *Overlay presence/absence on quantitative scores *Overlay presence/absence on presence/absence scores *Map richness for taxa below a selected threshold range size
  • v4.19.08 12.III.98 *Reverse overlay colours for inverse correlation
  • v4.19.07 11.III.98 *Enhanced support for selecting subgroups under Data Preselection *'Find' taxon for preselection of subgroups
  • v4.19.06 3.II.98 *'Find' taxon in editor *Smoothing by median or mean
  • v4.19.05 20.I.98 *Modified cell-name editor
  • v4.19.04 15.I.98 *Simplified score-scale number system
  • v4.19.03 1.I.98 *Modified editor *New datafile enabled for empty subdirectory *Revised richness gradients
  • v4.19.02 10.XII.97 *Modified Help and dialog boxes
  • v4.19.01 5.XII.97 *Re-organised menus *Automated max coverage shortcut, inc multiple reps *Randomisation test on gap analysis (single rep) *Fast edit exit when no change in data or filters *Small edit symbols fix
  • v4.18.07 26.XI.97 *Data median range size reported *Representation results tabulated to disk on request
  • v4.18.06 2.XI.97 *Random area choices upper 5% tail cutoff
  • v4.18.05 10.X.97 *Print zoom background bug fix *Variable line widths for printer
  • v4.18.04 28.IX.97 *Results-file monitor window
  • v4.18.03 20.IX.97 *Revised overlay swapping
  • v4.18.02 18.IX.97 *Variable near-minset rules *Screen labels bug fixes
  • v4.18.01 30.VIII.97 *Suppress redraw while re-sizing for NT *Modified documentation for www demo
  • v4.17.09 23.VIII.97 *Modified dissimilarity
  • v4.17.08 1.VIII.97 *Modified data import
  • v4.17.07 14.VII.97 *Near minset with added next-next-next-rarest rule *3 2D colour scales *3 map colour fills
  • v4.17.06 4.VII.97 *Near minset with added next-next-rarest rule *Revised near minset rule reporting
  • v4.17.05 21.VI.97 *Modified 2D colour scale *2D richness export unmodified *2D gridcell spot fix *Lat/long coordinates for Vietnam and Africa3 *Lat/long import for Vietnam (Africa3 untested)
  • v4.17.04 4.VI.97 *Print coloured window backgrounds *Richness counts with max spot colour fix
  • v4.17.03 19.V.97 *Bug fix to preselection reload for non-reversed names
  • v4.17.02 27.IV.97 *Microsoft Visual C++ version 5 *Modified scale titles *Bug fix to selected data export for hyphenated names
  • v4.17.01 9.IV.97 *Modified map drawing options *Score scale numbers option *Plot richness for all species from a gridcell *Coastline for Africa3
  • v4.16.03 22.III.97 *DMAP data import for Britain *Absolute/relative range edges, gradients, dissimilarity *Imported scores swap bug fix *Error trapping revised
  • v4.16.02 16.III.97 *Modified Wombling/range edge measure *Modified beta measures *Richness gradients measure *DMAP data export for Britain
  • v4.16.01 8.III.97 *Modified pale 256 colour scale *Fixed limit colour scale *Bug fixes to RESULTS.TXT output *Clear RESULTS file function
  • v4.15.06 21.II.97 *Median range size *Modified pale 256 colour scale *Area decision rules table includes redundant areas *Auto coastline thickness for printer resolution
  • v4.15.05 20.II.97 *Modified pale 256 colour scale *Export modified TWINSPAN 'v1.0' (1997) format *Export taxon number, gridcell number *Import Genus,Species,Groupcode(return) *Area selection decision rules table
  • v4.15.04 16.II.97 *List flexible areas to RESULTS.TXT *Save & continue button in editor *Import taxa limit set to 2000 *Monochrome scale with log/lin intensities *Temporary pale 256 colour scale *Red (256) more/less distinct with max in separate class
  • v4.15.03 9.II.97 *Reverse colour scale *Monochrome forces white background *Permit use of incomplete clade codes
  • v4.15.02 9.I.97 *Preselection to exclude taxa and areas *Preselection settings save and load from disk *Selected areas save and load from disk *'Max rarity' for rarest taxon per per cell *All beta measures on turnover menu *Divide database by clade code
  • v4.15.01 4.I.97 *Shades of irreplaceability *Re-order areas by complementary richness *Export background as well as foreground scores *Dotted zoom box *Biota list restricted to selected species *Biota list window broadened

Development history

Previous major revisions listed by version and date.

  • v4.14 3.X.96 *Datafile .dat extensions
  • v4.13 8.VII.96 *minset inter-active flexibility maps
  • v4.12 20.VI.96 *Large grid (master/active grid system)
  • v4.11 20.IV.96 *Data editor
  • v4.10 6.I.96 *32-bit Windows 95/NT (full data)
  • v4.00 24.XII.94 *16-bit Windows 3 test (small data)
  • v3.n9 IX.94 *hotspots, smoothing & turnover
  • v3.n8 V.94 *automated area selection
  • v3.n7 XII.93 *discrete p-median
  • v3.n5 V.93 *unlimited spp
  • v3.4 X.92 *overlay display
  • v3.3 X.92 *2200spp x 864areas
  • v3.2 IX.92 *variable weighting & animation
  • v3.1 III.92 *SVGA 103, 600spp x 1800areas
  • v3.0 XII.91 *(Zortech C) SVGA 88, 600spp x 864areas
  • v2.3 VI.91 *250spp x 864areas
  • v2.2 IV.91 *VGA 18, mouse, 160spp x 864areas
  • v2.1 I.91 *160spp x 864areas
  • v2.0 VIII.90 *(Microsoft C) EGA 16, function key
  • v1.0 X.88 *(Lm-BASIC2) EGA 16, numeric key, 43spp x 250areas