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ACCORD will provide European doctoral students with the opportunity to gain expertise in the multidisciplinary study of ore deposits. The site represents a co-operative venture between the Department of Mineralogy of the NHM with the Fluid Processes & Mineralization Research Group of the Royal School of Mines. This linkage enables ACCORD to offer research facilities, a range of post-graduate teaching modules, industry-recognised short courses and specialised training to suit the individual needs of doctoral students in ore deposit research.
The Centre for Russian and Central Asian Mineral Studies at the Natural History Museum, London, serves the international mineral deposits community as a centre for research into the geodynamics and metallogenesis of the FSU and neighbouring territories. The Centre pursues cutting edge research of mineral deposits through grant-funded doctoral, post-doctoral and academic researchers.
EUROCARB [external website]
EUROCARB is a European Science Foundation funded network which is now closed.
Mars and Martian Meteorites
This website is aimed at students or others wishing to learn about some aspects of current Mars and martian meteorite research including that done at the Natural History Museum and Open University.
The study area is the South Urals mining region of west-central Russia. Many of the mineral deposits being worked are uneconomic in current world markets and the extraction technologies used are often inefficient and environmentally unsound. Mining-related activities have left a catastrophic legacy of environmental problems. Sulphur dioxide emissions from smelters are measured in thousands of tonnes per year and many of the region's watercourses, lakes and soils are polluted from mine waters. To date no effective monitoring of the scale of the problem has been carried out.
Phosphate Recovery
This site seeks to promote a positive dialogue regarding the recovery and recycling of phosphates from sewage and animal wastes.