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Phosphate Recovery

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Warwick University, UK. 6th & 7th May 1998

List of papers and posters presented at the conference

Phosphate Recovery An Economic Assessment. Glen Daigger, CH2M Hill USA

Perspectives for P Recovery offered by Enhanced Biological P Removal. Jonathan Strickland, Anglian Water UK

Role of Biological Processes in Phosphate Recovery. Marc van Loosdrecht, Delft University of Technology, Holland

Nutrient Removal in, the UK Now and in the Future. John Upton, Severn Trent Water UK

Perspectives for Nutrient Removal from Sewage and Implications for Sludge Strategy. David Edge, Anglian Water UK

The Phostrip Process, biological removal of Phosphorus from waste waters. Erich Kaschka, Posch and Partners Consulting Engineers, Innsbruck, Austria

The Physico Chemical Conditions for the precipitation of Phosphate with Calcium. Alan House, UK Institute for Freshwater Ecology

Full Scale Phosphate Recovery at Sewage Treatment Plant Geestmerambacht, Holland. Simon Gaastra, Uitwaterende Sluizen Waterboard, Edam, Holland

Crystallisation Process enables Environmentally Friendly Phosphate Removal at Low Costs (presentation of the DHV crystallisation technology and operating experience). Andreas Giesen, DHV Water BV, Amersfoort, Holland

Removal of Phosphate form Sewage as Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (presentation of the Warriewood demonstration plant and other research). Robert Angel, Process and Industrial Chemists consultants, Australia

Elimination of Phosphorous from Waste Water by Crystallisation (presentation of Gaggenau full scale industrial P removal plant and experimental results). Dietfried Donnert, Karlsruhe Research Centre, Germany

Pellet Reactor Pilot Trials for the Chelmer Augmentation Scheme (pilot calcium phosphate P recovery plant). Gabriella Giuffre and Jason Ringrose, Essex and Suffolk Water UK

Struvite Formation in Wastewater Treatment Plants : an Accident waiting to Happen. Nic Booker, CSIRO Australia

Adapting strategies for avoiding Struvite build-up in plants and transforming them into strategies for Recovery. Steve Williams, Thames Water UK

Phosphate Recovery from Sewage by Granule Forming Process (full scale struvite recovery from a sewage works at Shimane Prefecture, Japan). Hideo Katsuura, Unitika Ltd, Osaka, Japan

Recovery of Struvite from Calf Manure (full scale plant at Putten, Holland). Olaf Schuiling and Alexandra Andrade, Utrecht University, Holland

The Feasibility of Recovering Phosphate from Waste Water as Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (struvite). Astrid Durrant, Imperial College London (for CEEP, 1997)

Secondary Sewage Effluent P Removal Pilot Project (P adsorbtion onto calcareous material), New South Wales, Australia. S Short, P Nichols, Forbes Rigby Engineers

Animal Wastes as a potential source of Recoverable Phosphorus. Phil Hobbs, Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research UK

Prospects for the recovery of Phosphorus from Animal Manures : a review. J Greaves, P Hobbs, D Chadwick and P Haygarth, Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research UK

Phosphate Recovery from Animal Manure, the Possibilities, report commissioned by CEEP 1998. Leo van Ruiten, Van Ruiten Adviesbureau, Holland

Recovery of Phosphate: What can the industry handle. Dees Lijmbach, Thermphos

Available on request:

In order to make information available before the publication of the formal proceedings of the Conference, please e-mail if you wish to receive:
Phosphate Removal and Recovery Technologies Morse, Brett, Guy and Lester, Imperial College London (for CEEP 1997) :
- full study 142 pages.
- review and summary in "The Science of the Total Environment" 13 pages.
- summary in "Phosphorus and Potassium" 9 pages.

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