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Identification Guide to the Trees of Shade Coffee Farms in El Salvador

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The aim of this guide was to provide information of a high scientific quality in an easily accessible form. A total of 261 species were collected in shade coffee farms, 239 of which are included in this guide. Of the total number collected almost 90% were native and 23 were listed under IUCN or CITES as 'endangered'. The guides are published in Spanish and were printed in El Salvador. They are are available from the >Natural History Musem.

For all of the species illustrated there is an identification key which uses only vegetative features. All of the species are referenced to herbarium specimens deposited with the two national herbaria of El Salvador. So as to allow the confirmation of an identification where necessary. For each species, it's common names, the synonyms of the scientific names and whether the species is native or introduced are indicated.

A simple pictoral key is used to divide the species into eight easily identified section. For each section there is a dichotomous key based on vegetative features.

The species illustrations focus on diagnostic features with a minimum of text. Text is used where these cannot be illustrated e.g. taste.

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Glossary to the Spanish terminology used in the guide

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