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November 2005: Poster presented at SBSTTA meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD in Montreal.

November 2005 Images of Pimplinae wasps collected as part of the project added to we pages.

August 2005 Darwin Scholar Jorge Monterrosa visits BM herbarium to identify Salvadoran fern collections.

May 2005 Jorge Monterrosa, curator at La Laguna Botanic Gardens (El Salvador) awarded a Darwin Scholarship to continue work on ferns that was initiated as part of the project.

Dec. 2001- March 2002 : Launch of identification guides to trees, ferns and Pimplinae wasps

October 2001 : Coffee and Biodiversity Symposium, Sociedad Mesoamerica Congress, San Salvador

A two day symposium is being held at the Annual Congress of the Sociedad Mesoamerica, on October 16-17. Invited speakers from Colombia, U.S.A., Mexico, U.K. and El Salvador, specialists in the biodiversity of shade coffee, will present and discuss their findings. There will also be speakers addressing socioeconomic aspects of shade coffee production. This symposium is being organised by this Darwin initiative project with support from the local NGO SalvaNATURA and the IUCN Small Grants Programme (Sustainable Use Specialist Group). For information on attending this symposium, or presenting a short paper please go to: or contact Alex Monro directly at

March 2001 : Visit by Salvadoran Botanists to The Natural History Museum

Two Darwin scholars: Nohemy Ventura from the Escuela de Biología of the Universidad de El Salvador and Jorge Monterrosa from the Jardín Botánico La Laguna have spent the month of February in the Botany Department of The Natural History Museum. Here they have been working on the production of an identification guide to the ferns of shade forest and learning tomount herbarium specimens.

June 2000 : 2nd Annual Biodiversity Training Course in San Salvador

April 2000 : Visit by Salvadoran Entomologists to The Natural History Museum

Two Darwin scholars: María Ofelia González from PROCafé (a local NGO offering technical advice to coffee farmers) and Rafael Menjívar from the Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de El Salvador will spend the month of April in the Entomology Department of The Natural History Museum. They will be sorting through Malaise trap samples and identifying ichneumonid wasps.