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Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) and its application to fossil dinoflagellate cysts

4.b) Application of CLSM to fossil dinoflagellate cysts:

An Example from the Middle Jurassic  Wanaea cornucavata sp. nov. FEIST-BURKHARDT & PROSS 1999

Light microscope images, descending focus series. Specimen in right lateral position, slightly coloured by fuchsine.

CLSM images

Extended focus image composed of a stack of 70 single optical sections, right lateral face. Thickness of the specimen: 61.5 Ám. Distance between single optical sections: 0.88 Ám. Computer contrast mode "solid".
Extended focus image, left lateral face. Specimen rotated 180 ░ around the y-axis to see the left lateral face ("solid" mode).