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Butterflies and Moths of the World Generic Names and their Type-species

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Blepharonia Hübner, 1823 . Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 2 : 26, 33.

Unavailable Name

Homonyms: 2

Higher classification:

Nye (1975) stated:-

Not nomenclaturally available as a genus-group name. Hübner used Blepharonia, on both pages, in a suprageneric sense for one of the names of his tribes (Namen der Stämme), listed on page 33. Hübner listed his genus-group names on page 35.

See: BLEPHARONIA [Hübner], [1825].

Poole (1989) included HEMIGEOMETRA Haworth, 1809; EPHESIA Hübner, 1818; LAMPROSIA Hübner, 1821; BLEPHARIDIA Hübner, 1822; ASTIOTES Hübner, 1823; CORISCE Hübner, 1823; EUCORA Hübner, 1823; EUNETIS Hübner, 1823; MORMONIA Hübner, 1823; BLEPHARONIA Hübner, 1825; ANDREWSIA Grote, 1882; CATABAPTA Hulst, 1884; and ANDREUSIA Hampson, 1913 as junior synonyms of CATOCALA Schrank, 1802.

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Senior name:
Blepharonia Hübner, 1825: 94.

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