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Biogeographic regions of the world based on bumbl bees
from a classification of equal-area grid-cell faunas
showing the Arctic Region in red
  This species list is taken from known native records for the red grid cells on the map
28 species


distinguendus St.


hortorum Mg.
consobrinus Mg.


muscorum Th.
pascuorum Th.
exil Th.


bohemicus Ps.
flavidus Ps.
norvegicus Ps.


sylvicola Pr.
lapponicus Pr.
hypnorum Pr.

pratorum Pr.
frigidus Pr.
cingulatus Pr.
jonellus Pr.


polaris Al.
pyrrhopygus Al.
alpinus Al.
balteatus Al.
kirbiellus Al.

neoboreus Al.
natvigi Al.
hyperboreus Al.


sporadicus Bo.
lucorum Bo.
cryptarum Bo.



sichelii Ml.




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