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A revised taxonomic and geographical inventory of world blackflies (Diptera : Simuliidae)

Roger W. Crosskey and Theresa M. Howard


This work, currently only available as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat portable document format (*.pdf) file, is a revised taxonomic and faunal inventory of world blackflies that updates and supersedes the main text (pp. 10-83) of an earlier such inventory authored by us and published over six years ago by The Natural History Museum in London (Crosskey & Howard, 1997). That work contained information published before 1 November 1996 and was issued as a print product from the electronic database. The present inventory on the Web is essentially a completely new edition and covers information known to us to have been published prior to 1 November 2003. The prime purpose of the work remains the same as for the previous printed inventory, ie to provide a user-friendly systematic aid to a wide audience involved with almost any aspect of simuliid research, particularly in relation to biodiversity studies. A total of 1,809 formally named species are listed as valid on present knowledge (1,798 living and 11 fossil). For each species a geographical statement is provided to show the countries from which it has been reported, with specification of the type locality country for synonyms as well as nominal species considered valid; more refined distributional data - region, state, province, island - are given for large countries, especially those covering diverse biomes or having island constituents. Taxonomic information includes the listing of many 'cytoforms', ie entities that are informally named in the literature (eg by chromosomal inversion formulae, numbers, letters or place names) and might prove to be valid species in nature. Significant misidentifications and some persistent misspellings of names are recorded.

Introductory text (199Kb PDF - 8 pages)
Inventory (1,629Kb PDF - 78 pages)
Updated 27 May 2004

The 'Introductory text', which includes all of the web pages, and the 'Inventory' are Adobe Acrobat portable document format (*.pdf) files for which you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download.

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If you require a printed copy of the 'Introductory text', we recommend that you download the PDF file and print that rather than the six individual web pages, which include headers and footers.

28-Jun-2004 Dr B R Pitkin