Find out more about the Museum's informatics team.

Alice Heaton
Ms Alice Heaton

Drupal developer for Scratchpads

Ben Scott
Ben Scott

Lead architect of the Museum's data portal.

Dr Dimitris Koureas

Plant taxonomist interested in the application of informatics tools to the study of plant biodiversity. Involved in support, training and outreach activities of Scratchpads as well as the development of new project proposals

John Cummings
John Cummings

Wikimedian in residence at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum helping the Museum's material reach the widest audience possible and to improving the understanding of Wikimedia and other open knowledge projects.

Laurence Livermore holding a museum drawer containing large coreid bugs.
Mr Laurence Livermore

e-Taxonomy Support Specialist in the Life Sciences Department currently working on the Scratchpads project. I also worked on eMonocot and a World Taxonomic Catalogue of Coreidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera).

S.D.Rycroft hard at work
Mr Simon Rycroft

Senior Scratchpads and biodiversity informatics developer.

Vince Smith
Dr Vincent Smith

Cybertaxonomist leading various initiatives to develop digital frameworks to provide research information for the taxonomic community.

Past members

Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts

A microbiologist specialising in ciliated protozoa. The problems of ciliate nomenclature led to Dave's involvement in the influential Nomencurator project and indirectly to running the EU project Unifying revisionary Taxonomy on the Web.