Data portal

The informatics group is building a data portal to store, explore, visualise and analyse major Museum data sets. The portal will launch in late 2014 and will also contain data from key strategic partners.

By creating a focal point for Museum data we aim to encourage repeated and innovative use of the information.

The portal will be a sub-domain of the Museum's website and will provide access to Museum data through an open licence to encourage data citation and re-use.

Key features:

  • an open access digital platform to the Museum’s specimen data
  • a clean and intuitive interface for exploring, downloading and analysing collections data
  • geospatial browsing of collections data
  • tools for Museum scientists to upload their published research data sets.
  • persistent unique identifiers on all data sets and select data records to facilitate data citation
  • themed sub-portals integrating subsets of Museum data with data from major partners
  • an API to access, query and download data
  • Global Biodiversity Information Facility harvesting of the Museum's collection records.
Interactive visualisation

Visualisation of the four hundred thousand georeferenced specimens in the Museum's collections database, as of April 2013. The length of the line is proportional to a log of the number of specimens sampled in each locality.

Interactive visualisation