A Century of Strandings conference

The Museum conference

A Century of Strandings

was held on Friday 20 September 2013 at the Natural History Museum, London.

A day of talks, presentations and readings to celebrate the discoveries, history and achievements made by the scientists monitoring whale, dolphin and porpoise strandings over the past 100 years.

 09:30-10:00 Coffee and registration

Session 1

10.00-10.15  Introduction
                        Michael Dixon, Natural History Museum, London.

10.15-10.30  Sir Sidney Harmer and the early days of strandings 
                        Molly Clery, Natural History Museum, London.

10.30-11.00  Cetaceans of the British Isles: Status, distribution, trends 
                        and key conservation issues
                        Peter GH Evans, Sea Watch Foundation.

11.00-11.30   Whaling and the Natural History Museum's role in it's 
                        Mark Simmonds, Senior Marine Scientist, Humane Society International

11.30-11.45  Coffee and poster presentations

Session 2

11.45-12.15  A century and beyond: Cetacean collections at the Natural History 
                       Richard Sabin, Natural History Museum, London.

12.15-12.40 Strandings and the Cetacean collections at National Museums of 
                       Andrew Kitchener, National Museums of Scotland.

12.40-13.40 Lunch Please browse a list of local restaurants PDF (48.5 KB)

Session 3

13.40-13.50  Introduction

13.50-14.00  Moby Dick Big Read 
                        Zeb Soanes, Journalist and Broadcaster.

14.00-14.30  The background, aims and outputs of the CSIP, the post-mortem 
                        examination process and how CSIP data helps inform UK 
                        cetacean policy
                        Rob Deaville, Institute of Zoology, London.

14.30-14.55   Investigating chemical and noise pollution in whales and dolphins
                        Paul Jepson, Institute of Zoology, London.

14.55-15.15  Parasites found in Cetacea 
                        Eileen Harris, Natural History Museum, London.

15.15-15.25  Remembering Malcolm Clarke 
                        Philip Hoare/Richard Sabin Natural History Museum, London.

15.25-15.40  Coffee and poster presentations 

Session 4

15.40-16.00  Working on the strandline: memorable events recorded by the 
                        Strandings Network in Cornwall illustrating the teamwork of 
                        our volunteers
                        Jan Loveridge, Marine Strandings Network, Cornwall Wildlife Trust

16.00-16.30 The Sea Inside 
                        Philip Hoare, Author, Presenter and Curator.

16.30-16.45  Closing 
                        Phil Rainbow Natural History Museum, London.

16.45-17.45  Wine reception and poster presentations

Brief history

Sir Sydney Harmer

In 1913, a stranded Cuvier’s Beaked Whale beached on Tralong Beach in County Cork, Ireland, reported to Sir Sydney Harmer, was the first whale recorded by the Natural History's Whale and Dolphin Strandings Scheme.

100 years later, we are proud to continue to monitor strandings, as part of the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme.

A history of monitoring cetacean strandings at the Museum