Bumblebee research

Bumblebee pollination supports multi-billion-dollar agricultural industries. 

The key aims of our bumblebee research is to:
  • progress towards an identification guide of world bumblebee species
  • understand the evolution of colour patterns in relation to world distribution
  • identify the ecological processes leading to bumblebee decline
  • Bumblebee preparing to land on a flower
    Identifying bumblebees

    Learn more about the 250 species of bumblebee in the world and the identification difficulties that have lead to nearly 3000 different names.

  • Cryptic species of the subgenus Bombus s. str.
    Commercial bumblebees

    Find out about cryptic species and how DNA analysis is helping to distinguish between them.

  • Bombus cullumanus bumblebee
    Bumblebee Specialist Group

    Find out about the IUCN Bumblebee Specialist Group, set up to assess the conservation needs of bumblebee species world-wide.

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