Division Head

Sandy Knapp
Dr Sandra Knapp

Merit researcher in botany, focussing on the taxonomy of the nightshade family Solanaceae.


Steven Ansell
Dr Stephen Ansell

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant focussing on plant population genetics in the Life Sciences department.

me again
Dr Neil Brummitt

Researcher focusing on understanding the distribution of plant diversity on global, regional and local scales.

Nadia Bystriakova
Dr Nadia Bystriakova

Researcher in palaeoclimate as a means to understand trends and patterns in global biodiversity.

mark carine
Dr Mark Carine

Researcher in Macronesian flowering plants and the Convolvulaceae family.

Dr Alex Monro
Dr Alex Monro

Researcher in tropical plant diversity, specialising in the flowering plant family Urticaceae, tools for the conservation of biological diversity in Central America, and field collection of vascular plant herbarium specimens.

Maria Pena Chocarro
Miss Maria Peña Chocarro

Research assistant in botany, working on the Flora Mesoamericana.

Dr Silvia Pressel
Dr Silvia Pressel

Botanical diversity researcher in the Plants Division, Life Sciences department.

Harald Schneider
Dr Harald Schneider

Leader of research for the Botany evolutionary biology group

Collections and curation

Len Ellis
Mr Len Ellis

Curator of bryophytes.

Jonathan Gregson
Mr Jonathan Gregson

Collections manager, flowering plants.

John Hunnex
Mr John Hunnex

Hebarium Technician.

Ranee Prakash
Mrs Ranee Prakash

Curator of flowering plants.

Elisabetta Scialabba
Miss Elisabetta Scialabba

Herbarium Technician.

Dr Mark Andrew Spencer
Dr Mark Spencer

Senior curator of the British and Irish Herbarium, Life Sciences department.

Jacek Wajer
Mr Jacek Wajer

Curator of seed plants in the Life Sciences Department.

Data and digitisation

Dr Dimitris Koureas

Plant taxonomist interested in the application of informatics tools to the study of plant biodiversity. Involved in support, training and outreach activities of Scratchpads as well as the development of new project proposals

Aurelie Grall
Miss Aurelie Grall

Digitisation Technician.

Steve Cafferty
Mr Steve Cafferty

Collections Project Manager, Plants Division.