Plant research

Museum botanists are researching the biodiversity, taxonomy and systematics of plants.

  • Zygodon trichomitrius leaf cells
    Bryophyte research

    Find out about the bryophyte-related research being conducted by Museum botanists, focusing on the exploration, description and monitoring of bryophyte flora in the tropics.

  • Arenal Volcano and vegetation in Costa Rica as seen from Monteverde
    Central America conservation tools

    We are creating tools for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of forests in Central America.

  • A new species of Elatostema from Guangxi, south China
    Urticaceae systematics

    We are producing a family-level phylogeny and documenting and revising species diversity.

  • Duck potato
    Flora Mesoamericana

    Plant staff are part of an international collaborative effort to catalogue the vascular plant diversity of southern Mexico and Central America.

  • The fern Asplenium x microdon
    Fern research

    Discover the rich history of fern research at the Museum, as well as a wide scope of ongoing projects concerning fern diversity.

  • Solanum whatenii, a Bolivian species described in 2005
    Solanaceae systematics

    Solanum is one of the most species-rich genera of angiosperms. This research project includes descriptive level taxonomy of the many species and also phylogenetic studies.

  • Plants under pressure landscape
    Plants Under Pressure

    A major project to assess how threatened plants are globally is feeding into the IUCN Red List.