Fern research

The Natural History Museum has a long history of successful and influential fern research. Much of this research now relates to:

  • population genetics
  • phylogenetics

Previous fern research

In the last ten years a major focus was on the recovery of the imprint of the glacial and postglacial history of Europe on the diversity of European ferns especially Asplenium.

Previous research centred on floristics and greatly benefited from:

  • the taxonomic expertise of A.H.G. Alston, Clive Jermy and Josephine Camus
  • the cytological studies of Mary Gibby

All collaborated widely with colleagues throughout the world and particularly close associations were forged with:

  • Trevor Walker of Newcastle University
  • Professor Irene Manton
  • Manton's research students including Anne Sleep, and Christopher Fraser-Jenkins
  • A fern gulley in Madeira
    Current fern research

    Find out more about our fern research, focusing on the origin and conservation of fern diversity through time.

  • The fern Athyrium filix-femina
    Staff studying ferns

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