Taxonomy and classification

Taxonomy and classification of selected fern families and genera


The genus Asplenium is arguably the most-species rich genus among ferns, with more than 700 species.

The project aims to obtain a global phylogeny of the genus and its relatives, which will be used as the framework for taxonomic studies on a generally poorly understood lineage.


This family is the most-species rich among ferns, with more than 1,000 species, and shows a pantropical distribution.

The majority of these ferns are epiphytes but other life habits evolved independently in this lineage.

Current research is focused on genus classification, especially of genera related to Lepisorus, Microsorum and Polypodium.

Other families

Several other lineages are currently studied including: 

  • Cyatheaceae (Alsophila)
  • Pteridaceae (Doryopteris)
Staff involved in this project: