The Anopheles barbirostris species complex

A species complex is a group of closely related species, where the point of species separation is unclear. 

Our comprehensive research into the Anopheles barbirostris species complex, will identify species and isolate those that are vectors of malarial parasites in Indonesia. 

One of the strengths of this research programme is the integration of morphological taxonomy with molecular studies, to ensure that the results of DNA sequencing are in agreement with formal taxonomy. 

Using both these methods provides information about the:
  • bionomics
  • distribution  
  • disease relationships of the complex

Fieldwork has been conducted in eastern Java, where the taxonomy, distribution and disease relations of Anopheles barbirostris are uncertain. 

Molecular data indicate that Anopheles barbirostris comprises of three or four species in Southeast Asia, but which of these species may be malaria vectors is unknown.

Both morphological and molecular studies are underway to resolve the formal taxonomy and develop identification methods that will help medical entomological studies of the individual species.

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