Acari research

Approximately 54,000 species of Acari (mites and ticks) have been named worldwide, with hundreds more described every year. They are highly successful and exist in almost every terrestrial and aquatic habitat.

Mites can have both positive and negative effects economically. Some parasitic species can cause serious losses in food production, while predatory mites have been successfully used to target pests in biological control programmes. 

Our research is concentrated on:

  • publishing an information resource for mites of agroecosystems
  • creating a website for British mite and tick species
  • providing a checklist for British Mesostigmata
  • studying the co-evolution of mites and galapagos mockingbirds
  • assessing mites as archaeological indicators of change
Dr Anne Baker
Dr Anne Baker

Research entomologist specialising in the taxonomy of Acari (ticks and mites).