Division head

R Jenner
Dr Ronald Jenner

Head of Invertebrates Division focusing on comparative venomics of invertebrates, higher-level animal phylogeny and body plan evolution, and conceptual and methodological problems in systematics.


Geoff Boxshall
Prof Geoff Boxshall

Merit Researcher in the Crustacea Research Group, focusing on patterns of diversity in copepods and the biology of parasitic copepods from fish and marine invertebrate hosts.

Paul Clark
Dr Paul Clark

Crustacean researcher focusing on invasive Chinese mitten crabs, brachyuran larvae and the phylogeny of xanthoids.

Dr Adrian Glover
Dr Adrian Glover

Marine biologist focussing on deep-sea biodiversity, systematics, evolution and ecology of polychaetes.

Dr Rony Huys
Prof Rony Huys

Researcher in the Crustacea Group, focusing on the evolutionary biology of free-living and symbiotic copepods.

Alex Muir at desk

Polychaete Consultant responsible for identifying a wide variety of marine worms. Research interests include the taxonomy, systematics and nomenclature or polychaetous annelids (especially Aphroditoidea and Terebellida).

Fred Naggs
Prof Fred Naggs

Biodiversity and Conservation Officer in the Mollusca Research Group.

Professor Beth Okamura
Prof Beth Okamura

Merit Researcher in the Bryozoa Group, focusing on the ecology and evolution of bryozoans and their myxozoan parasites.

Professor Andrew Parker
Prof Andrew Parker

Research Leader in the Crustacea Group specialising in biomimetics, particuarly optical devices, water management structures and strong composite materials found in animals and plants.

Dr Gordon Paterson
Dr Gordon Paterson

Researcher with a focus on deep-sea biodiversity.

Dr David Reid
Dr David Reid

Merit Researcher and Leader of the Marine Mollusc Research Group. His research focuses on the systematics and evolution of shallow-water gastropods.

A Waeschenbach
Dr Andrea Waeschenbach

Post-doctoral Research Assistant studying the molecular systematics of tapeworms and bryozoan evolution.

Suzanne Williams
Dr Suzanne Williams

Researcher focused on high biodiversity in tropical oceans.

Bjoern von Reumont
Dr Bjoern Von Reumont

Venomics researcher in the Life Sciences Department

Lahcen Campbell
Dr Lahcen Iouani Campbell

Post-doctoral research assistant in comparative venomics.

Lucy Woodall
Dr Lucy Woodall

A post-doctoral research assistant specialising in molecular ecology.

Helena Wiklund
Dr Helena Wiklund

Post-doctoral research assistant focussing on seabed resources and biodiversity.

Collections and curation

Jon Ablett
Mr Jon Ablett

Curator of Mollusca (Non-marine Mollusca and Cephalopoda)

Andrew Cabrinovic
Mr Andrew Cabrinovic

Curator of Lower Invertebrates, responsible principally for the Echinodermata and Cnidaria collections.

Miranda Lowe
Miss Miranda Lowe

Collections Manager for the Invertebrates Curation Team.

Andreia Salvador
Ms Andreia Salvador

Curator in the Invertebrates Curation Team, responsible for the marine mollusc collections.

Emma Sherlock
Ms Emma Sherlock

Curator in the Invertebrates Curation Team, responsible for the Annelida, Minor Phyla and Porifera collections.

Mary Spencer Jones
Miss Mary Spencer Jones

Senior Curator (Bryozoa) on the Invertebrates Curation Team. Research focuses on the history and biodiversity of marine bryozoans and the preservation, maintenance and conservation of invertebrate collections.

Clare Valentine
Ms Clare Valentine

Head of Zoological and Microbial collections.

His Majesty the Emeror of Japan views a display with the Linnean Society Zoological Curator
Ms Kathie Way

Senior Curator (Mollusca) on the Invertebrate Curation Team, responsible for the marine gastropod and bivalve collections. Research interests include the historical collections and their interpretation.

Jan Beccaloni
Mrs Jan Beccaloni

Curator of Arachnida and Myriapoda.

Data and digitisation

Lawrence Brooks
Mr Lawrence Brooks

Zoology Collections Databasing Officer, part of a team responsible for databasing and digitising specimen records.

Tim Conyers
Mr Tim Conyers

Database Manager responsible for zoology digitising projects and the Museum collections management system (KE Emu).

Sheila Halsey
Ms Sheila Halsey

Database Editor in the Zoology Digitising Group, responsible for processing electronic specimen records for import into the Museum collections management software (KE EMu).

Alice Heaton
Ms Alice Heaton

Drupal developer for Scratchpads


Margaret Packer
Ms Margaret Packer

Laboratory Manager for the polychaete and nematode research groups.

Brian Smith
Mr Brian Smith

Department Coordinator, Labs & Technical