Mitten crab research team and sponsors

Meet the team of people at the Museum involved in mitten crab research and the companies supporting the projects.

Paul Clark
Dr Paul Clark

Crustacean researcher focusing on invasive Chinese mitten crabs, brachyuran larvae and the phylogeny of xanthoids.


Patrick Campbell
Mr Patrick Campbell

Senior Curator of reptiles in the Department of Life Sciences


Brian Smith
Mr Brian Smith

Department Coordinator, Labs & Technical


Sam Luoma and Phil Rainbow in Restronguet Creek
Prof Phil Rainbow

Retired; former Head of the Life Sciences Department, focusing on the biology of trace metals in aquatic invertebrates.


Roberto Portela Miguez
Mr Roberto Portela Miguez

Curator of the Mammal collections in the Vertebrates Division.

Administrative support is provided by:

Dr Jeni Stewart
Science Administration Manager