Division head

Michael Kuhlmann
Dr Michael Kuhlmann

Entomologist researching Hymenoptera particularly bees and plant-pollinator systems.


Steve Brooks
Mr Steve Brooks

A research entomologist with a special interest in freshwater insects and environmental change.

Paul Eggleton
Dr Paul Eggleton

Entomologist, merit researcher and head of the soil biodiversity group.

Ian Kitching
Dr Ian Kitching

Research entomologist specialising in Sphingidae or hawkmoths.

C Lyal
Dr Chris Lyal

Research entomologist specialising in weevil research.

Andrew Polaszek
Dr Andrew Polaszek

Research entomologist specialising in parasitoid hymenoptera.

Photograph of myself sitting beside a glacial lake
Dr Angela Self

An entomologist researching the effects of climate change by studying Chironomidae.

Dr Thomas Simonsen
Dr Thomas Simonsen

Research entomologist specialising in Lepidoptera systematics.

Collections and curation

Max Barclay
Max Barclay

Collections manager of the Museum's Coleoptera and Hemiptera collections. Responsibilities include managing a team of curators, administering loans, processing new material and facilitating collection access for visitors.

George Beccaloni
Dr George Beccaloni

Curator with a special interest in Orthopteroidea and the Alfred Russell Wallace collections.

Gavin Broad
Dr Gavin Broad

Senior curator of the Museum's Hymenoptera collections.

Paul A Brown
Mr Paul Brown

Senior curator for the Museum's Phthiraptera, Thysanoptera, Psocoptera, Collembola and other microscope slide collections.

Cleora cinctaria (Ringed carpet moth)
Mr John Chainey

Curator of the Museum's collections of Geometroidea (Lepidoptera).

Natalie Dale-Skey
Ms Natalie Dale-Skey

Curator of Hymenoptera.

Beulah Garner
Ms Beulah Garner

Curator of the Museum's Coleoptera collections.

Alessandro Giusti
Mr Alessandro Giusti

Curator of the Museum's Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) collections.

Blanca Huertas
Dr Blanca Huertas

Curator of the Museum's Lepidoptera collections.

Geoff Martin with Taiwanese specimens
Mr Geoff Martin

Collections Manager for the Museum's Lepidoptera collections.

Dr Erica McAlister
Dr Erica McAlister

Collections Manager for the Museum's Diptera, Siphonaptera, Arachnida and Myriapoda collections. Research focuses on Diptera, especially the Nematocera and Orthorraphous Brachycera e.g. Culicidae, Mycetophilidae and Asilidae.

David Notton
Mr David Notton

Senior curator of the Museum's Hymenoptera collections.

Benjamin Price
Dr Ben Price

Curator of Odonata and Small Orders, researching a range of insect groups.

Kevin Tuck tortricid image

Curator of the Museum's Microlepidoptera collections.

Dr Daniel Whitmore
Dr Daniel Whitmore

Curator of Diptera in the Insects Division.

Nigel Wyatt
Mr Nigel Wyatt

Curator of the Museum's Diptera collections.

Data and digitisation

Laurence Livermore holding a museum drawer containing large coreid bugs.
Mr Laurence Livermore

e-Taxonomy Support Specialist in the Life Sciences Department currently working on the Scratchpads project. I also worked on eMonocot and a World Taxonomic Catalogue of Coreidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera).


Professor Elliot Shubert
Prof Elliot Shubert

Editor of Systematics and Biodiversity and Associate Editor of European Journal of Phycology; research on the phenotypic plasticity and gene expression in the green alga, Desmodesmus