Sternorrhyncha research

Sternorrhyncha is a large group of insects within the 'true bugs' containing aphids, whiteflies, jumping plant lice and scale insects. All members of the group are plant-feeders, and many are major crop and ornamental pests.

We are researching Sternorrhyncha by:

  • collating global databases of psyllid and whitefly species and their host-plant associations
  • analysing patterns of psyllid and host-plant evolution
Hemiptera collection
Hemiptera collections

The Museum's Hemiptera collection is rich in type specimens. 


True bugs
Many insects are commonly called 'bugs', but the 'true bugs' are only those that have piercing, sucking mouthparts that they use to eat plant matter, usually sap. True bugs form the insect order Hemiptera.