Fresh water insects

We are researching the impact of environmental change on freshwater systems, over various time frames, by following changes in insect diversity and abundance (especially Chironomidae).

Projects investigating environmental change include:
  • Holocene environmental change in Arctic Russia and Kamchatka
  • late-glacial climate gradients in Europe
  • chironomids as indicators of climate change during the last glacial and in earlier glacial cycles
  • recent environmental change in UK freshwater systems
  • saline lakes and their catchments during periods of climate change

We are also investigating the cryptic diversity found in green lacewings.

Steve Brooks
Mr Steve Brooks

A research entomologist with a special interest in freshwater insects and environmental change.


The Holocene is a geological epoch that began at the end of the Pleistocene (around 12,000 to 11,500 ago) and continues to the present. It is often studied as the Holocene includes the growth and impact of humans.

Project leader


PhD students

Murray Thompson, Phil Sanders, Ginny Bernadout, Alex Lombino, Frazer Bird