The suborder Caelifera contains grasshoppers and locusts.


These insects have short antennae with less than 30 segments. Their hearing organs are on the side of the abdomen, and they usually sing by rubbing the inside of their hind legs against their forewing.

All are herbivorous and mainly diurnal.

Caelifera comprise the Acridomorphoid superfamilies:
  • Acridoidea
  • Eumastacoidea
  • Pyrgomorphoidea
  • Pneumoroidea
  • Tanaoceroidea¬†
  • Trigonopterygoidea¬†
  • Tetrigoidea
  • Tridactyloidea¬†
About the name

The Caelifera are named for the shape of the ovipositor, which is short and upcurved like an engraving tool (Latin: caelum - engraving tool).