What are Apterygota? 

The Apterygota are a class of primitive insects with no wings.

Apterygota contains the groups:

  • Protura
  • Collembola
  • Diplura
  • Archaeognatha and
  • Thysanura
  •  Lucerne springtail, Collembola

    Learn more about the springtails, named after their unique in-built spring.

  •  Dilta littoralis (Womersley, 1930),Archaeognatha

    The archaeognatha are better known as the 'jumping bristletails', read more about them here.

  • Campodea fragilis Meinert, 1865, Diplura

    Diplura, or the ‘twin pronged bristletails’ consists of 800 described species within four families.

  • A protura specimin.

    Protura consists of around 200 species, and are considered some of the most primitive insects known.

  • Lepisma saccharina, Silverfish

    Find out more about the Silverfish and Firebrats, found in many homes.

About the name

The name Apterygota is Greek in origin, and means 'without wings'