Division Head

David Bass
Dr David Bass

Researching protists and microbes developing an emphasis on organismal interactions, parasitic protists and the ecology of disease risk.


Photo of Juliet Brodie
Prof Juliet Brodie

Research Chair, Division of Genomic and Microbial Diversity, Department of Life Sciences.

Dr Lawrence Hudson
Dr Lawrence Hudson

Researcher in the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project.

Rachel Foster
Miss Rachel Foster

Microbiology lab manager and research support.

Anne Jungblut
Dr Anne Jungblut

Researching cyanobacterial diversity and ecology in the Genomics and Microbial Biodiversity Division, Department of Life Sciences.

A. Vogler Image
Prof Alfried Vogler

Professor of Molecular Systematics at Imperial College London, with an interest in the phylogeny and evolution of Coleoptera (beetles).

Alan Warren
Dr Alan Warren

Researching the systematics of ciliated protozoa (ciliates) biodiversity of marine ciliates and the use of ciliates as bioindicators of environmental quality.

Dr David Williams
Dr David Williams

Researching the phylogenetic relationships, distribution in the Pacific Ocean and systematic theory of diatoms.

Andy Purvis
Prof Andy Purvis

Research Leader in biogeography and phylogenetics.

Collections and curation

Edgley César
Mr Edgley Cesar

Curatorial assistant for botanical collections in the Plants Division of the Life Sciences Department.

Felipe Dominguez Santana
Mr Felipe Dominguez Santana

Herbarium Technician

Susan Higgins
Ms Susan Higgins

Herbarium Technician.

Rob Huxley
Dr Rob Huxley

Principal Curator, Genomics and Microbial Diversity Division.

Ms Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds

Molecular collections facility manager, overseeing the day-to-day running of the molecular collections. Responsible for procurement, service and maintenance contracts, molecular collections and Health and Safety protocols. 

Holger Thüs
Dr Holger Thus

Lichen curator investigating the ecology and evolution of amphibious lichens, bioindication and the conservation of cryptogamic plants.

J Wilbraham
Ms Jo Wilbraham

Senior Curator for algae.

Pat Wolsey
Ms Pat Wolseley

Investigating lichens as bioindicators of pollution and environmental change in the UK and southeast Asia.

Jovita Cislinski Yesilyurt
Dr Jovita Yesilyurt

Collections manager for algae, lichens and protists.