The Team

Head of the Genomics and Microbial Diversity Division

David Bass
Dr David Bass

Researching protists and microbes developing an emphasis on organismal interactions, parasitic protists and the ecology of disease risk.


Photo of Juliet Brodie
Prof Juliet Brodie

Research Chair, Division of Genomic and Microbial Diversity, Department of Life Sciences.

Anne Jungblut
Dr Anne Jungblut

Researching cyanobacterial diversity and ecology in the Genomics and Microbial Biodiversity Division, Department of Life Sciences.

Dr David Roberts

A microbiologist specialising in ciliated protozoa. The problems of ciliate nomenclature led to Dave's involvement in the influential Nomencurator project and indirectly to running the EU project Unifying revisionary Taxonomy on the Web.

Dr David Williams
Dr David Williams

Researching the phylogenetic relationships, distribution in the Pacific Ocean and systematic theory of diatoms.


Rob Huxley
Dr Rob Huxley

Head of Collections Botany

J Wilbraham
Ms Jo Wilbraham

Algae curator, Department of Botany.

Holger Thüs
Dr Holger Thus

Lichen curator investigating the ecology and evolution of amphibious lichens, bioindication and the conservation of crytpogamic plants.

Pat Wolsey
Ms Pat Wolseley

Investigating lichens as bioindicators of pollution and environmental change in Britain and South-east Asia.