Staff studying algae

A number of staff are involved in algal-related research at the Museum:

Photo of Juliet Brodie
Prof Juliet Brodie

Research Chair, Division of Genomic and Microbial Diversity, Department of Life Sciences.

J Wilbraham
Ms Jo Wilbraham

Senior Curator for algae.

Anne Jungblut
Dr Anne Jungblut

Researching cyanobacterial diversity and ecology in the Genomics and Microbial Biodiversity Division, Department of Life Sciences.

Holger Thüs
Dr Holger Thus

Lichen curator investigating the ecology and evolution of amphibious lichens, bioindication and the conservation of cryptogamic plants.

Professor  David Michael John DSc
Prof David John

Researcher studying the taxonomy, biology, biogeography and ecology of freshwater and marine algae.


  • Jenny Bryant - Scientific Associate
  • Linda Irvine - Scientific Associate
  • Ian Tittley - Scientific Associate