Red algal systematics

Taxonomy, systematics and genomics of red algae

The Museum's algal researchers are leading and involved in a number of systematic projects on red algae with particular emphasis on large and poorly known groups.

One such group is the Bangiales. Ecologically and economically important, it includes:

  • Porphyra
  • the Corallinales - calcified algae that is currently the focus of attention in relation to ocean acidification

We are using a combination of molecular, morphological and culture techniques for this work.

Current projects include:

  • Global phylogeny of the Bangiales
  • Porphyra genome project
  • Taxonomy of the coralline algae
  • Porphyra drachii, a red alga
    Global phylogeny of the Bangiales

    The Bangiales have a long evolutionary history and a worldwide distribution. Museum staff are collaborating internationally to construct a global phylogeny.

  • Porphyra leucosticta, a red alga
    Porphyra genome project

    Museum staff are part of a scientific network that will develop work on the Porphyra genus once its genome has been decoded.

  • The red alga Corallina officinalis in a rock pool
    Taxonomy of the coralline algae

    Coralline algae are a key architectural component of the marine environment and yet are usually overlooked. We are focusing on the taxonomy of North Atlantic geniculate coralline algae.