Freshwater diatom comparative biology

The pursuit of comparative biology: systematics, evolution and biogeography of freshwater diatoms

There are some 10-12,000 known species of freshwater diatoms, with a further 200-250,000 suspected species.

A series of Botany Department projects is investigating their morphology, phylogenetic relationships and distribution relative to all organisms surrounding the margins of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Seaweeds on the shore at Vattarnes, Iceland
    Algal research

    The Botany Department’s algal-related research programme includes projects to map and record seaweed biodiversity in the North Atlantic and detailed studies of red algae.

  • Tetracyclus clypeus, an extinct freshwater Miocene fossil from the USA
    Diatom research

    Our diatom research covers both extinct and existing taxa. Among the projects are a number that focus on diatom biodiversity while others address formation of the unique cell wall.