Polychaete research team

Dr Gordon Paterson
Dr Gordon Paterson

Head of the Aquatic Invertebrates Division, with a research focus on deep-sea biodiversity.

Dr Adrian Glover
Dr Adrian Glover

Marine biologist focussing on deep-sea biodiversity, systematics, evolution and ecology of polychaetes.

Alex Muir at desk
Mr Alexander Muir

Polychaete Consultant responsible for identifying a wide variety of marine worms. Research interests include the taxonomy, systematics and nomenclature or polychaetous annelids (especially Aphroditoidea and Terebellida).

Margaret Packer
Ms Margaret Packer

Laboratory Manager for the Aquatic Invertebrates Division.

Assistants to Adrian Glover
  • Dr Helena Wiklund, Post-doctoral Research Assistant 
  • Ms Lenka Neal, Research Assistant 
  • Ms Diva Amon, PhD student 
  • Ms Laetitia Gunton, PhD student
  • Ms Magdalena Georgieva, PhD student
Assistants to Gordon Paterson
  • Ms Claire Marchais, PhD student 
  • Mr John Dinley, PhD student 
  • Dr Lucy Woodall, Post-doctoral Research Assistant

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