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FindingNo Level Title Date
DF PUB Fonds Museum Publications 1857-2010
DF509 Series Postcards and Greetings Cards 1922-2003
Level File
FindingNo DF509/142
Ref No DF PUB/509/142
Title Fossil Man: 10 monochrome photographic cards (G1)
Date 1922
Description G1 Restored model of the Piltdown skull
G2 Flint implements found with the Piltdown skull
G3 Homosapien, Swanscombe skull
G4 Rhodesian skull
G5 Neanderthal skull
G6 Neanderthal skull
G7 Skull of Cheddar Man
G8 Early palaeolithic flint implement
G9 Broken unfinished palaeolithic implement
Held By NHM Archives

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