Museum Archives Online Catalogue

Welcome to the online catalogue of the Natural History Museum Archives.


The online catalogue of the NHM Archives is for researchers, students, professionals and members of the public interested in the history, development and work of the Museum and its staff. The catalogue contains summary descriptions - rather than transcripts or images - of over 28,000 records from the Museum's organisational archive, including photographs and Tring Museum correspondence. New records are added to the catalogue on a regular basis, and development of the catalogue is ongoing.


The catalogue does not at present contain records of the manuscript collections held by the Museum libraries (General, Zoology, Entomology, Botany, Earth Sciences) such as the personal papers of naturalists. The one exception is the papers of Alfred Russel Wallace, held by the General Library, which have been catalogued onto this database, Information on the rest of the librariesí manuscript holdings can be found via the Library catalogue.


Please contact Archive enquiries for advice if you cannot find what you are looking for or if you wish to comment on the database.

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