Magma diversity and evolution

Our scientists are studying igneous rocks and magmatic processes to learn more about Earth's interior. 

Our research focuses on:

  • subduction zones, where most of Earth’s surface magmatism takes place and crustal material is recycled in the mantle
  • intraplate volcanism, including carbonatites and alkaline rocks, to better understand the origin of associated magmas
Research leader
Dr Chiara Maria Petrone Dr Chiara Maria Petrone

Igneous petrologist and volcanologist working on arc magmatism and active volcanoes.


The crust
The crust is the outermost layer of the earth, and is chemically different from the layer beneath, the mantle. The crust can be either continental or oceanic. 

Subduction zone
A tectonic plate boundary where one oceanic plate moves beneath another plate. Often associated with volcanoes, earthquakes and mountain building.