Research opportunities

We are always open to collaborative research opportunities, especially if they have the potential to enhance our understanding of materials within the Musueum collections.

There are vast numbers of potential projects within the collections beyond those listed below, and we encourage the development of postgraduate studentships to work on these.

The Museum is not an awarding body, so an affiliated university for the studentship will be needed. We are currently looking into possible partnerships regarding funding and studentships with partner universities, so if you are interested please get in touch. 

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  • Pfenderina trochoidea, SEM image.
    Middle Eastern foraminifera

    There is huge potential to undertake further research on the former Iraq Petroleum Company collection. Find out about the collection and previous research projects.

  • A nano-CT prescan picture of planktonic foraminifera, Globigerina prasaepis.
    Climate and environmental change

    We curate a number of collections that may be of interest for researchers of climate change, including microfossil collections that date back to the late 19th century.

  • Former BP collection localities.
    Former British Petroleum collection

    With a wealth of rarely studied specimens and unpublished information, this vast micropalaeontological collection has great potential for further study.

  • John Williams.

    This unique and valuable palaeopalynomorph card index is particularly valuable for researchers focusing on particular palynological taxa, time periods or locations. Find out more.

Interested in a research opportunity?

We are eager to improve our understanding of the micropalaeontology collections, and encourage interested researchers to get in touch.

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