Soils are multicomponent biological and geochemical systems that form Earth's skin. 

We are focusing our research on:

  • contaminants in natural systems
  • mineral-microbe interactions
  • preservation of organic carbon

Soils support much of the world’s biodiversity, provide countless services in ecosystems, and contain more carbon than the atmosphere and all terrestrial flora and fauna combined.

Current projects

  • Migration and transportation of natural contaminants and those related to human activity (anthropogenic), in natural soils and model systems.
  • Molecular-level interactions of mineral-microbe associations, explored by studying the effects of biogenic ligands on the geochemical cycling of Fe and other cations.
  • Spatial distribution of organic carbon in soils across permafrost landscapes of the northern circumpolar region, with an emphasis on the role of mineralogy in the long term preservation of soil organic carbon.
Research leader
William Dubbin
Dr William Dubbin

Research mineralogist specialising in soil geochemistry.

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