Nickel laterite deposits

A programme of research on key nickel laterite deposits is shedding light on their geological and mineralogical diversity. 

The mineralogy and geology of nickel laterite deposits is poorly defined due to:

  • inadequate mineralogical information
  • uncertainties of dating specific events in a long weathering history
Research aims

In order to better understand these deposits and how they can be processed, we need:

  • better defined mineralogical ranges for specific deposits, especially with the development of new hydrometallurgical processing techniques
  • improved models of deposit formation, integrating geology with climate, structure, water table, and uplift/erosion history

We are undertaking focused studies on key deposits representing a range of mineralogical diversity and ages. These include deposits from Turkey, Albania, Kazakhstan, Colombia and the Philippines, ranging in age from late Jurassic to those still actively forming.

  •  Electrolytically refined pure (99.9 %) nickel nodules
    NicAL IAPP Project

    A collaborative project with SME Çaldağ Nikel in Turkey, addressing key industrial problems associated with nickel processing.

  • Nickel laterite mineralogy

    The mineralogy of nickel-bearing laterite deposits is poorly understood. Learn more about the classification and composition of these deposits.