Ore research

The ore group's research focuses on the mineralogy, formation processes and sustainable processing of useful minerals in Earth's crust.

The finite availability of mineral resources underpins our quality of life. The ore group is addressing the financial, social and environmental impacts of mineral resource exploitation. 

Studying mineralogy in a spatial and temporal context allows us to interpret the magmatic, hydrothermal and low temperature geological processes responsible for mineral formation.

Research aims
  • Contribute to new models for predicting deposit formation, with an aim to improve discovery efficiency.
  • Find more sustainable uses for raw materials and waste components.

Our science focuses on two main themes:

  • Earth system science and ore deposits: We investigate deep-Earth processes and interactions that lead to the production and destruction of Earth’s crust, resulting in the formation of major mineral deposits.
  • Resource security - exploration and exploitation: These focused projects respond to the needs of society, such as raw materials for new and emerging technologies in a low-carbon industrial future.

The ore group's programme includes research collaborations such as CERCAMS and LODE.

Cobaltite specimen. Critical elements research initiative

Developing sustainable strategies for Earth's non-renewable resources.


Mineralogy is the study of chemistry, crystal structure, and physical properties of minerals.