Useful references

Find what you're looking for with our comprehensive lists of ornithological references, and choose from a range of related websites.

General ornithological references

  • BirdLife International, 2000, Threatened Birds of the World, Lynx Edicions & BirdLife International.
  • M. Brooke & T. Birkhead (editors), 1991, The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Birds. Cambridge University Press.
  • B. Campbell & E. Lack, 1985, Dictionary of Birds. T & A D Poyser.
  • J. Forshaw (editor), 1998. Encyclopedia of Birds (Second Ed.). Academic Press.
  • B.P. Martin, 1987. World Birds. Guinness Books. (Information on bird record-holders).
  • C. Wernham et al. (editors), 2002. The Migration Atlas – Movements of the Birds of Britain and Ireland. T & A D Poyser.

Other useful references

Access topic-specific bibliographies, online bird dictionaries and ornithology history texts here: Bird collection references PDF (48.9 KB)