International collections

In addition to specimens of foreign bryofloras acquired by British bryologists via their own travels, friends and official expeditions, the Natural History Museum Bryophyte Herbarium contains collections amassed by eminent foreign bryologists of the 19th century.

These include those of important moss specialists such as:

  • Emile Bescherelle (1828-1903) - a French bryologist who described many new species, particularly from areas subject to French influence such as the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  • Georg Hampe (1795-1880) - a German bryologist whose areas of interest most notably included Australia, the Americas and South Africa.
  • Wilhelm Schimper (1808-1880) – a German bryologist perhaps best remembered for his contribution to Europe’s first moss flora.

The collections of internationally important liverwort specialists are also strongly represented in the Museum herbarium, including those of: 

  • German Franz Stephani (1842-1927) - one of the most productive hepaticologists of his day.