John Williams Index of Palaeopalynology (JWIP)

The John Williams Index of Palaeopalynology (JWIP) is a card catalogue based around a central index of over 23,350 references. The index is particularly valuable for learning about specific palynological taxa, time periods or locations.

The catalogue includes a thorough collection of palaeopalynology references:

  • journal articles
  • textbooks
  • selected conference abstract volumes
  • grey literature (e.g. downloadable reports from the Internet, MSc and PhD theses)

The catalogue is based around a central card index (‘JWIP References’), from which all references are cross-referenced into:

  • palynomorph group (spores/pollen, dinoflagellate cysts and acritarchs, chitonozoans and miscellaneous)
  • taxa (spores/pollen, dinoflagellate cysts, acritarchs and chitonozoans)
  • geographical region (of which 17 are recognised)
  • geological time period (of which there are 26 divisions)

JWIP index structure PDF (200.3 KB)

An invaluable resource

The catalogue's unique format allows users to execute specific searches based on their requirements.

Comparison with other search engines highlights the value of such a resource. For example, if executing a search for the dinoflagellate cyst Apectodinium homomorphum:

  • JWIP produces more than 250 scholarly references, dating back to the 1940s. Results may be further refined using reviews of geographic location and stratigraphic relevance, which are included with each reference.
  • A leading search engine yields 1,500 results, summarised in no particular format or order.
  • A leading scientific database search engine produces only 28 scholarly articles relating to the species. None of these date back further than 1980.

Are you interested in using the index of palaeopalynology ?

This resource can be accessed by appointment. 

A digital version of the index is also in the process of being developed for commercial use. 

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