Ostracod collections

The Museum has enormous collections of fossil and recent ostracods, including 20,000 single specimen mounts and many faunal slides.

Just over half of the collection is from the United Kingdom, but it also includes material from across the globe.

The collection covers the entire geological history of the Ostracoda from the Ordovician to the Recent. Particular strengths are in the Carboniferous, Jurassic, Cretaceous and Eocene.

Type and figured collection
  • Contains about 100,000 slides
  • Is referred to in over 600 scientific publications
  • Is particularly strong in Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Pliocene to present day material.

The type and figured collection and associated slides have been arranged stratigraphically with individual named slides and assemblage slides kept together.

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Large donated collections

The Hull University Collection, former British Petroleum Microfossil Collection and former Aberystwyth Micropalaeontological Collection are kept separate from the main type and figured ostracod collection.

  • Former BP collection localities.
    Former British Petroleum collection

    The former British Petroleum collection includes around 78,000 palynological slides from 3,800 wells and outcrops worldwide. A Google Earth layer locating all well locations for the collection is available.

  • Microslide cabinet of microfossils.
    Former Aberystwyth Microfossil Collection

    A teaching collection built by researchers at Aberystwyth University. Includes foraminifera, ostracods, coccoliths and conodonts.

Leperditia, a fossil-ostracod.
Fossil and recent ostracod database

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Donors and collectors

Major donors to the ostracod collections include:

  • Ray Bate
  • T. Rupert Jones
  • Robin Whatley
  • Eric Robinson
  • Peter Sylvester-Bradley

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