Research partnerships

The SCAN team are working in partnership with international research collaborations on Schistosomiasis related research.

Processing samples in the lab in Niger.

Processing samples in the field laboratory in Niger.

Schistosomiasis consortium for operational research and evaluation, SCORE

We are working in partnership with SCORE on a 5 year project investigating the effect of different treatment regimes on schistosomiasis, led by the University of Georgia.

The resulting data will present a unique opportunity to compare the effects of different intervention strategies on the disease. 

Elimination of schistosomiasis transmission in Zanzibar

We are also involved in a related collaborative research partnership, the Zanzibar elimination of schistosomiasis transmission (ZEST) a global health initiative to eliminate the disease in this location.

Schistosomiasis research



Research support

We aim to serve the schistosomiasis research community by

  • providing data and samples 
  • sample processing by appropriate molecular techniques 

We welcome contact from all interested parties.

Project partners

Russell Stothard  (UK)
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dan Colley (US)
University of Georgia

Charles King (US)
Case Western Reserve University

Contact us

We welcome collaboration with the schistosomiasis research community.

For more information please contact SCAN manager 

Adian Emery
Dr Aidan Emery

Schistosome researcher and Culture Facility Laboratory Manager, responsible for molecular collections development.

Natural History Museum,
Cromwell Road,
London, SW7 5BD, UK.