Sponges (Porifera)

Calcareous sponges are represented in the following historical marine collections that may be of use for ocean acidification research:

  • Discovery collections at the Natural History Museum
  • National Museums Scotland collections
Formalin-preserved specimens from the extensive Antarctic Discovery expedition collections
Discovery collections

The Discovery collections originate from a number of different expeditions that took place from 1901-1999. The collection of pteropods may be of particular importance for ocean acidification research, and there are a wide variety of other marine specimens as well as ocean bottom deposits and residues. Learn more.


Dried molluscs in the National Museums Scotland collections
National Museums Scotland

The collections of National Museums Scotland include up to 1 million marine invertebrate specimens, most of which are preserved in alcohol. There is also a comprehensive collection of microscope slides including tardigrades, amphipods and sponges. Find out more.